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Pizza Peels

Crown Pizza Peels are made for the professional. The blade is made from extra heavy 14 gauge hard aluminum with welded handle brackets and offset rigid design. Crown handles are square so they won’t turn in your hand. In addition, the handle can be changed with just a screwdriver. Available in two blade sizes, 12" x 15" and 16" x 18" with handle lengths of 25", 35", 51" and 63".

Pizza Dough Boxes

Save time, labour and money by using Crown dough boxes. They increase storage space and prevent the crusting of your valuable pizza dough. Made from sturdy white ABS resin, with reinforced corners, and rounded edges, our boxes will not bend or lose their shape. Covers sold separately.

Pizza Delivery Bags
Insulated pizza delivery bags keep your pizzas hot right to the customer's door! These bags include a clear plastic sleeve on flap door for inserting delivery slips.

Self-Stacking Pizza Dough Proofing Pans
Dough Proofing Pans
Proofing pans for dough ball with a self-stacking feature. These pans are 7 1/2" in diameter by 3" high and are made from 16g hard food grade aluminum.

pizza dressing rings
Pizza Dressing Rings
This terrific item is made from 16g hard food grade aluminum with a clear anodized finish. This product is used to prevent sauce and cheese from going over the edge of the pizza dough. These rings are made from aluminum so you don't need to worry about someone forgetting them on the pan and sending it into the oven along with the pizza!

pizza trees
Crown Pizza Trees

Crown Pizza Trees are perfect for holding pre-made pizza ready for the oven, and an excellent way to keep your trays organized in an out of the way place. Made from chrome plated steel wire. The overall height is 23 3/4" with 6 1/2" shelf width. The 453 has 7 slides with 2 1/2" clearance and 1 slide with 1 1/4" clearance. The 450 has 15 slides with 1 1/4" clearance!

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