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Crown Welded Racks
welded kitchen racks
Welded racks are perfect for going into ovens, proofers, and freezers, or for transporting heavy loads around your facilities. Crown welded racks are made from high strength, heavy gauge aluminum. This combination of quality materials and welded construction produces a product with superior performance.

Each slide is welded to the frame forming a bond of melted metal that is unbeatable. Heavy duty 4" plate casters are bolted into place. Choose from high temperature steel casters (HTS) designed to roll into ovens, or regular temperature heavy duty casters (REG) perfect for freezers and general use. Round corners do not tear rack covers, saving you unnecessary
expense. Round corners also offer maximum strength in rack design, because one piece of continuous tubing is incredibly stronger and more dependable than multiple-piece assembly. Single welded racks hold one pan per slide, inserted narrow side in (front load). Double welded racks hold two pans on each slide, inserted wide side in (side load). Both racks are available in a variety of slide spacings, with regular or high temperature casters. welded kitchen racks closeup
Quality Materials & Welded Construction!

Welded Knock Down Kitchen Racks
Welded Knock Down Racks, Front Loading
When your needs exceed the limits of riveted racks, Crown Welded Knock Down Racks are the answer! They are suitable for transporting heavy loads around your facility, going into freezers and proofers, and general kitchen use. These racks are available in a single-pan front-loading design. The knock down feature is freight efficient, yet easily assembled. This is a knock down rack without the rivets. Each slide is welded onto the heavy-duty rack frame, forming a bond of molten metal that is unbeatable! They come with our standard stem casters used in the riveted rack series and features six octagon nexus bars for added strength.

Crown Vinyl Rack Covers

Crown Vinyl Rack Covers Crown vinyl rack covers are perfect for keeping food fresh and free from contaminates! And, of course, we use dependable zippers - because we know dependability is important to you! Available for both welded or knock down rack, single size.

Welded Bun Pan Dolly
Welded Bun Pan Dolly
Crafted using all-welded construction with 4 heavy-duty all-swivel casters, your Crown welded bun pan dolly can roll in any direction to sneak into any available space! Designed to hold 100 18" x 26" bun pans or 200 13" x 18" bun pans.

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