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Round Cake Pans from Crown!

Layer Cake Pans

These 8 3/4" Crown Layer Cake Pans are perfect for cake mixes, for the novice baker, or for restaurant birthday cakes. Best of all, these layer cake pans nest together when not in use, conserving storage space!

Pannetone Cake Pans

Use Crown Pannetone Cake Pans to bake this Italian delight, especially popular at Christmas and Easter. These aluminum pannetone cake pans are available in two sizes. Note: Angel Cake Pans are also used for pannetone!

Doll Cake Pans

Crown's Doll Cake Pans are a cake decorator's delight! Makes the dress for a doll cake, a most-popular cake for showers, birthdays, and other special occasions. Assembly kits available too!

Cheesecake Pans

Crown Cheesecake Pans are simple but fantastic design cake pans, perfect for making cheesecakes! The bottom can be removed with the cake by simply pushing up the bottom of the pan. No buckles - no rust! The advantage over spring form pans is that the one-piece design holds its shape longer then the split design of a spring form pan because the metal becomes softer from heating and cooling when baking. One-piece design is engineered strength that does not fatigue from this process, so Crown cheesecake pans will last longer and make more cheesecakes! Features a 16-gauge body and 18-gauge bottom insert.

Round Layer Cake Pans

These versatile Crown Round Layer Cake Pans are designed for baking any variety of layer cakes and wedding cakes! Pans are available in 2" or 3" depth in a variety of diameters. Made from hard food-grade aluminum, which offers the resistance to denting and produces the great baking results aluminum is famous for. Cake pans can be custom made to your requirements - simple changes in material thickness or height can be done on orders as small as 50 pieces! Made with regular-duty 20 to 18 gauge aluminum.

Need Heavy-Duty Layer Cake Pans?

Are you in the business of baking? Then get down to business with Crown Heavy-Duty Round Layer Cake Pans, featuring all the quality benefits of our regular-duty layer cake pans plus the extra strength and rigidity of 16-gauge aluminum!

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